Aha Connections was established in 2003 to provide developmental and relationship-based services for young children who have challenges with social interactions, communication and play. We provide service for children diagnosed with autism, NVLD, and social anxiety, using a DIR Floortime approach. Our mission is to help children increase engagement, build and strengthen relationships and learn to enjoy interactions with those around them.

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Creating Connections, our play based social group, focuses on helping children create friendships and learn the hidden expectations of working and playing together in a group. Our groups are designed by combining concepts from the Social Thinking®methodology and using DIR/Floortime® strategies. Each session provides opportunity for children to practice and strengthen social competencies and help build healthy foundations for social, emotional, and intellectual capacities, all through fun creative play. We support and encourage each child’s individuality, spontaneity, and silliness, allowing each child to bring their full selves to play and grow in the group.

Groups run on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:15 to 5:15.

All Groups are co-lead by Jennifer Deady and Michelle Willis

"Awesome place! My son looks forward to it every week" - M.C.

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