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Oh I remember this...

Ok, so I came across a blog I started many years ago. I had this idea that it would be fun to write a blog. A place to share ideas with families, caregivers, teachers and educators. I’m not sure how I dropped the ball, but as we all know sometimes life does get in the way. So many things have changed since my very first post in 2016, but my intention remains the same. I’m going to try again. Let me be your guide.

Check out my first post from 2016!

Empowering Families - The first step in the journey.

Empowering - "makes you more confident and makes you feel that you are in control of your life" - Cambridge Dictionary

I have worked with many families that once their child is given an initial diagnosis of ASD they begin to doubt themselves as parents. Some parents begin to doubt what they do with their child, how they talk with them, engage with them and play with them. There are many stages parents go through. It is important to understand and accept that there is no written guide to being a parent. As a parent myself, I know I have made mistakes. It is ok to make mistakes, we learn and reevaluate as we go. We ALL learn as we go. As a parent with a child diagnosed with autism, it is also a learning experience. It is ok to ask for help and turn to a guide that can help you. I hope I can be that guide.

It is very important for me to help families feel confident in engaging with their child. I understand that parenting can be hard. I can not fix it for you but what I can do is work with each family as part of their team. I can help each family to identify specific goals and work with them to implement and achieve the steps required towards addressing those goals. Research has suggested that when parents are interactive participants children show more positive growth that lead to better outcome.

My goal/role is to help families restore confidence, the joy of engagement and the feeling of positive control. Teaching families to recreate trust and relationships is the first step in the journey.

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