1 to 1 Play Session 
Office and Home based

The goal of the 1:1 play session is to help the child develop the foundations needed for connecting with others. We begin by focusing on building a trusting relationship, creating a comfort zone in which a back and forth flow can begin. Building a relationship in an environment where a child feels safe, made to feel accepted, understood and respected is most productive for learning and growing. As the flow of initiating and responding, (both through verbal and non-verbal communication) increases, opportunities are created within the engagements to problem solve, increase flexibility, and expand imagination.


Sessions may include videotaping, upon approval, to create an individual profile, identify goals and document progress. Additional support may include weekly Skype sessions and email with parents for parent training. 

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(Aha Connections is a private pay practice. We do not accept insurance.)


"We used Jen's services many years ago when our daughter was young.

Jen was great with her, and our daughter always had a good time during the sessions." - A.S.

Bring A Friend Play Session

Is your child In need of increasing self confidence in social situations?

Is your child having a difficult time reading social cues & navigating social situations?

Does your child need positive social experiences connecting with peers? 


How about letting them practice during a structured facilitated playdate? During a Bring a Friend Playdate your child can bring a friend to play with while they work on skills such as:


  • Initiating Play, Sharing Play Ideas and Maintaining Play

  • Cooperating, & Compromising

  • Reading and Understanding Social Cues/Situations

  • Empathy - Perspective Taking

  • Sharing & Turn-Taking - Collaborating

  • Identifying and Using Nonverbal Communication

  • Personal Space

  • Increasing Self-Confidence

  • Making and Maintaining Friendships​

Request Rates and Application

(Aha Connections is a private pay practice. We do not accept insurance.)

"Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning"

- Mr. Rogers

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